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Why Should Students Have Homework?

There have been dozens of debates over the pros and cons of homework. Homework is one of the things that students fear, mainly due to the pressures that come with it. One has to spend extra time working on assignments that are more of an extension of school work. While homework is a core aspect of the traditional instruction system, it has grown to be a very divisive topic in the education system. Why should elementary students have homework? How about the homework pros and cons? Most people would like to get an answer to this question, especially with the level of controversy that continues to flood academia. This article explores the issue to help you understand why homework should be part of the school system and the reasons to limit the size of the assignments.

Table of Contents

  1. What are the reasons why students should not have homework?
  2. Should students have homework? Pros and cons of school assignment

2.1The pros why students should have homework include the following:

2.2The cons of school homework include the following:

3. Reasons why students should have less homework

4. Verdict

5. FAQs

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